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My name is Ruike Liang and I couldn't be more thrilled to co-lead the Nebraska Coalition this year. My journey with Girl Up began around 1.5 years ago when a friend introduced me to the organization. We both recognized everyday disparities that were a constant in the world around us and wanted to speak out about them to raise awareness and positive change. I was ecstatic to learn that Girl Up provided us with the platform and tools necessary to reach our goals. Thus, we started Girl Up Millard North. Since then, I have not only been able to advocate for my passions to hundreds of girls but I've also been educated about other issues through these strong women who've found their own voices. The opportunity to serve as co-leader of the Coalition marks a new step in my adventure that I couldn't be more ready to embark on. 


Through my time as an activist I've discovered the truth to change, is that it is a serious collaboration. In the end, this initiative started as a group effort and can only continue as such, beginning with YOU. So, what are you waiting for, be curious, share your story and connect with other girls to learn theirs' and don't forget to join hands because when girls unite we can release an avalanche of serious change, and make the dream of global gender equality a reality.