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Hi! My name is Anjali Pullabhotla and I am a senior at Millard North High School. I am very excited to be the Co-Director of Community Relations for the Girl Up Nebraska Coalition this 2019-2020 School year. I am a co-founder of Girl Up Millard North, which was started last year and has been gaining popularity! I was attracted to Girl Up because of its "by girls, for girls" brand as well as the fact that it is completely student-led and allows teens to gain leadership skills and find their voices. Through being a part of the Girl Up organization, I hope to spread the message of female empowerment and help our girls become leaders of today and tomorrow. Initiatives like #GirlHero and #DreamBigPrincess have allowed me to come to terms with what I want in the future as well as realize true female potential as showcased by my personal heroes, sexual assault survivors (whether they have spoken up or not), Michelle Obama, Malala Yousafzai, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Emma Gonzalez, and more. While I have been involved in Girl Up for a short period, the community I have found is enough to last a lifetime. Girl Up actively works to make global gender equality a reality of the present, rather than a mere dream for the future. And, as a feminist myself, I couldn't be happier to partake in and support such a movement.

Co-Director of Community Relations